Volunteer Registration

Namaste All,
Hope you and your family are safe and healthy. As discussed in the last key volunteers meet, we requested you to help spare 2 hours a week for various ACF activities. Here are the details to Register and volunteer for Adamya Chetana activities.

Regular volunteering activities of ACF are:

  1. Volunteering for upcoming activities
    Sep 22 AK ji birthday
    Nov 12 – AK ji Punya Tithi
    Dec 31 & Jan1 – Seva utsava
  2. Vegetable cutting – daily
  3. Kasadinda rasa – waste to best – daily can be done from your home
  4. Green Sunday – weekly
  5. NityaAnnadaana serving – daily
  6. Anantha Vana – weekly
  7. 201 GS maintenance- weekly
  8. ACF Nursery – weekly
  9. Miscellaneous – visits etc

We request you to please let us know how many hours you will be able to give for these activities and also suggestions on implementing the actions for upcoming events.

Volunteer Registration

Register and volunteer for Adamya Chetana activities
Preferred volunteering activity at ACF(Required)
Following are the regular volunteering activities of Adamya Chetana. Please select the activity that you want to participate in:
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After receiving your details, one of our volunteers will contact you for further process.
For any clarifications/ enquiries, you can reach our helpline number: 8904623967

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