Join the Poushtika Andolan today, and lead the nation towards a more nutritious future.

Join the Poushtik Andolan and become a Change Maker.

As a member of the Adamya Chetana Poustik Andolan you will have an opportunity to inspire society in adopting a pousthik (healthy) and saatvik() lifestyle. Our members are on a journey not only to understand and change their own food habits but also to enable a large population of our country to adopt this lifestyle.

What does it mean to be a Change Maker?

  • Improve your nutrition: On becoming a member of the Poushtik Andolan, Adamya Chetana will provide you with a starter food kit, designed by senior nutritionists and scientists to help kick-start your journey towards a more poushtik lifestyle. Know more about kit items.
  • Help others improve their nutrition: As a Change maker you may adopt the family of a government school child and help them and their family adopt healthier food habits.
  • Bringing your farmers closer to you: Monthly melas will be organised where you can buy and showcase local organic grains.

Volunteers and experts at Adamya Chetana will always be there to help you out.

Why is this needed?

India, a great nation, the largest democracy, a great and ancient civilisation with a vibrant multicultural society – home to more than 130 crore Indians!

We can justifiably take pride not only in our heritage but also in what we have achieved since independence. Our life expectancy has more than doubled in the last 75 years, and quality of life has improved substantially. Acute but perennial food shortages and long ration shop queues of the ‘60s and ’70s have all but vanished. The green revolution literally transformed India from a net food importer to a food surplus state. This, combined with the white revolution that made milk abundantly available everywhere, we now have an abundance of food for our people.

So, is everything going great? Well, no. According to studies, we are still in the bottom 10% of countries in the world in terms of the hunger index. While more than 17% of our children are said to be malnourished. We all know that poor nutrition not only leads to poor health but also the poor academic and overall development of children.

At Adamya Chetana we were haunted and troubled by the questions –

  • Why is India which is known for its surplus food manufacture in the bottom 5 when it comes to nutrition ?
  • A country that has a rich food tradition of eating satvik and poushtik food for centuries is lagging when it comes to nutrition. How?

We realized that over the past years we have slowly but decidedly moved away from our food traditions. As a country, we have focussed more on quantity rather than the quality of the food we are consuming. Adamya Chetana, which has been providing nutritious food to government school kids for the past 18 years, through this Andolan wants to change that.

In the past few years, we have seen a small portion of our population adopting a more nutritious way of eating by incorporating pesticide-free grains, pulses and millets in their diet. Adamya Chetana now needs your help to take this to the common man, to the underprivileged children of govt schools and their families.  

For any doubts/clarifications, mail to admin@adamyachetana.org or WhatsApp/Call: +91 89046 23967

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