Green Certificate #GC21BAG018

Green Bharat Certificate

Certificate Number: GC21BAG018

This sapling/tree has been planted by Adamya Chetana and Supported by AICTE to increase green cover on the mother earth in recognition of the institute’s performance. We take responsibility for nurturing the plant which can be viewed by scanning the QR code.

Event/Award Ceremony: Technical Textbooks Award Scheme 2020

Date: 16th November 2021

Conducted by: AICTE

Awardee: Shri Manoj Kumar Varshney ( Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machines)

Category (if applicable): Diploma Level

Position (if applicable):

Details of the Tree:


Tree Name: Tabebuia rosea

Botanical name: Tabebuia rosea

Tree Name in Hindi: Tabebuia rosea

Tree Name in English: Tabebuia rosea

Tree Name in Kannada: Tabebuia rosea

Features of the Tree: The tree is short in length, with irregular, stratified ramifications and only a few thick branches. The bark can be gray to brown, in varying darkness, and may be vertically fissured. Leaves are compound, digitate, and deciduous. Each leaf has five leaflets of variable size, the middle one being the largest. Flowering occurs mainly in January and February, and is generally associated with dry periods; although flowering has also been observed in August, September, April, and May. Flowers are large, in various tones of pink to purple, and appear while the tree has none, or very few, leaves. Pollination occurs probably by insects, although the flowers are visited by many birds such as tanagers, hummingbirds, and orioles. The long and slender fruit capsules can measure up to 35 cm (14 in) and appear from February through April. After the drying fruit dehisces, the anemochorous, hyaline-membrane-winged seeds are released. There is an average of 45,000 seeds per kg with up to 13% water content. Germination of seeds is extremely easy and efficient, reaching almost 100%. It is a fairly fast-growing tree

Tree Plantation Date:

Planted at: Bangalore

Latitude and Longitude of the location: 12.953925669812813, 77.5718475345561

We welcome you to visit your tree.

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