Energy Conservation Competition

 “A Rupee saved is a Rupee earned”, so goes a saying. On similar lines, a unit of electricity saved is a unit of electricity produced. There is an inevitable use of natural resources in producing electricity and it is our duty to ensure that we use it judiciously without wasting it. What better way to convey this information to students, that we can “stop wasting electricity” by actually getting them to take part in an interesting competition that tracks the consumption of electricity over 6 months period in their homes? The top 10 students will be personally awarded by Shri AnanthKumar, our Chief Patron and Union Cabinet Minister. This initiative is being arranged in association with the energy saver activity of Mott MacDonald.

More than 50,000 students from 80 schools of Bengaluru have taken part in this competition during June – Nov 2016. Hundreds of teachers are actively helping us in coordinating this initiative.

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