A Life saved

Facilitating Mythri’s Heart Operation – A Life Saved

Mythri is 12 years old. She had been suffering from an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) since birth. She studies in Sri. Vinayaka Vidya Mandira, a Kannada-medium unaided school. Her father is an autorickshaw driver and mother a home- maker. Evaluations had given an estimate of Rs.1.2 lakhs for surgery to correct the ASD. Quite obviously, this was way beyond the means of the family.

Mythri’s case came to light when we were conducting a regular check-up at her school. We knew that the operation had to be conducted for Mythri to be able to lead a healthy and productive life.

We called her parents for a discussion on the way forward. Her father said he would be able to raise Rs.25,000/-. We felt that we could raise some. While this process was going on we spoke to several donors and found that the Needy Heart Foundation would be willing to fund the operation at Manipal Heart Foundation.

Through the facilitation of friends at Rotary, especially Mr.M V Ravikumar, we met Mr.O P Khanna, the Chairman of the Needy Heart Foundation, who offered to support the entire cost of the operation through the Foundation. We conveyed this great news to Mythri’s father. Mythri’s operation was conducted by Dr.Ravi Narayan and Dr.Sameer Rao. She is now home and recovering well.

Adamya Chetana played a facilitative role helping Mythri’s family to go through the entire process, helping them to access quality health- care.

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